Tuesday, March 3, 2020


The Netherlands is the first country after Belgium to find ‘The Way Out’. Talpa Network inked a deal with Be-Entertainment for a local production of the highly successful format created by Roses are Blue to be broadcast on SBS6.

The deal comes after the very successful first series in Belgium. ‘The Way Out’ managed to reach no less than a 37,9% market share in the 18-44 target. The average market share even grew to 40,2% when looking at the +7 numbers, resulting in an impressive increase of the channel average market share of 2019 (23,4%) with +72%. The second series in Belgium was commissioned after the broadcast of only 4 episodes.

On each episode, two different celebrity duos are sent into two identical rooms full of mysteries to be solved. Their quest? To figure out the scientific experiments and unravel the codes, because every test or assignment they complete provides them with a clue. And brings them a step closer to finding THE WAY OUT! Behind the scenes, the two duos are led, and sometimes misled, by the presenters. To make each experiment especially engaging for the viewers, an expert is always on hand in the studio to offer his interesting insights and expertise.

Gepke Nederlof (MD, Be-Entertainment) adds: ‘The team from Roses are Blue were able to develop the first format that actually keeps viewers engaged and entertained while watching celeb duos trying to find their way out of an escape room. A code that no other creative team was able to crack until this moment. We’re very excited to share this success with Talpa in the Netherlands’.