New series for 'Greetings from 19XX' in Belgium and Denmark

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

New series for 'Greetings from 19XX' in Belgium and Denmark

Retrotainment format ‘Greetings From 19XX’ continues its success with recommissions in Belgium and Denmark.

Belgian channel VTM (Dutch speaking Belgium) has commissioned its 6th local series of the format, which quickly became a hit format for the channel since the launch in 2017. With each series outperforming the channel average and extremely high market shares peaking at 50%, the format has become one of the key-brands for VTM and a solid success in the schedule.

Internationally, successful local adaptations have been produced in the Netherlands (RTL4 - 2 series), Sweden (TV4 - 2 series), Denmark (TV2 - 2 series) and Germany (ZDF - 1 series). TV2 Denmark just finished its second season with excellent numbers, establishing a strong average market share of 30,8% (PRP 20-60) and a peak at 34,5% for the final episode. The channel has commissioned a 3rd local series, which is scheduled to air later this year.

The retrotainment format, developed by Belgian production company Lecter Media, sees one celebrity family per episode who experience a family weekend as though it took place in the year the celeb was 12 years old. With hairstyles and clothes following the latest trend of 19XX, they will be staying in a house that is decorated as in ‘the old days’. No cellphones or other modern-day devices around, they will live, eat and party like it’s 19XX while sharing childhood memories with each other and the viewers.

Gepke Nederlof, Managing Director of Be-Entertainment; “We’re happy to see that VTM and TV2 want to continue their ‘Greetings From 19XX‘ success. We’ve noticed that the uplifting retrotainment genre speaks to viewers all around the world, now more than ever! And the fact that a series can be produced in a short time frame and Corona proof helps other broadcasters to consider the show again, so stay tuned for more Greetings from other countries soon.”