'Make Belgium great again' ready to make a difference

Monday, September 17, 2018

'Make Belgium great again' ready to make a difference


FC Panache, part of the award-winning team behind ‘Sorry about That’, have been on a secret mission over the past year. Their mission was to ‘Make Belgium Great Again’. And, after a year of utmost secrecy, the program will now air on VTM tomorrow evening.

The series will see the team trying to make a difference, big or small, in the belief that if no one does anything, nothing will change. Every episode features three kinds of missions: a personal mission, a society mission and a community mission. Universal problems, such as food waste and plastic consumption, are tackled, but there’s also room for smaller, fun missions. Because making a difference can still be fun!

Be-Entertainment will represent the format internationally. With missions that are suitable for many countries across the globe. The team will do a shout-out to other broadcasters to join the movement and air a locally-produced version of ‘Make Your Country Great Again’ in their country.

Says Be-Entertainment MD Gepke Nederlof, who’ll introduce the format at MIPCOM 2018: “Once in a while, a format comes along that’s just so positive, creative and inspiring that you’re proud to be part of introducing it to the rest of the world. Imagine if we were able to create some kind of change just by bringing a format to other countries, even if it’s just a tiny small change… How GREAT would that be?”