BNNVARA to make Holland great again

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

BNNVARA to make Holland great again


After racking up enormous ratings in its first month, ‘Make Belgium Great Again’ is wasting no time in crossing borders into the Netherlands. ‘Make Holland Great Again’ will be brought to Dutch broadcaster NPO3 by BNNVARA. The instantly successful Belgian program on VTM captured market shares of 28, 38 and 38% for the first three episodes in the 18-44 target, thereby far outscoring the channel’s 23% average market share.

The missions are also proving to be extremely successful, with the latest mission to stop 'Online Hate' going viral before the first episode aired. The team claimed a special emoji that individuals can use to protect them from online hate as well as to speak out when they see a case of online hate. And who better to promote this emoji than a bunch of popular celebrities who’ve been subjected to plenty of online hate directed at them?

Says Be-Entertainment MD Gepke Nederlof, who’ll introduce the format at MIPCOM 2018 next week as ‘Make Your Country Great Again’: “It’s great to see how many countries are indeed eager to make their country great again. We’re especially happy with BNNVARA as it’s a perfect fit for the format.”

‘Make Your Country Great Again’ was created and produced by the award-winning team behind ‘Sorry for Everything’, currently known as ‘FC Panache’.